round & circle glasses

For centuries, round frames held the monopoly in the realm of eyewear design. Originating in Italy, where the first glasses with glass lenses were crafted, these circular spectacles became emblematic of scholarly pursuits and intellectualism. The round shape wasn’t merely functional; it mirrored the natural form of the lenses themselves, symbolizing a harmonious union of form and function.

Throughout history, from the Renaissance to the modern era, round glasses have persisted as timeless icons of style and sophistication, captivating wearers with their classic allure and timeless appeal. Today, you can print your own round frames at home in a modern way with digital design.

herritage & modern craft

Incorporating historical elements featuring a circular profile frame and bended details that seamlessly blend historical heritage with modern 3D printing technologies, these glasses represent a fusion of the past and the present.

Customizable for Perfect Fit

Micro-adjustments to the width of the frame, breadth of the nose bridge, angle of the frame to the face and position of the nose pads, as well as the length and radius of the temples guarantee optimal fit and aesthetic proportions for every face.

range of print settings

Clean or glossy with a smooth finish from ABS or perhaps with a textured surface. With support from proprietary material or also with washable supports.

fast to print & easy to replace

Only few grams of filament, various colors, and the possibility to print the entire product including hinges. Simply print a spare part, or easily switch lenses from one frame to another.