Tangled Round Glasses in process

Zen Collection new

Tangled Glasses

Laces Cocon Shoes

Shelters for Prague.

Litter Bins for Prague

Public furniture for Prague

Visual identity for Vrba Optic

Embodied ideas collection

Workshop Tools for Enable3D

Glasses collections & art direction of lume

Nothing Else Accessories

Nothing Else Furniture

Nothing Else Lighting

Bohém furniture for Meyto

Creative direction of Meyto

Past Future Eyewear Collection

Photography of Hotel and Villa Coyamar


Spacetravel collection

Covid-19 shields for ČVUT

3D printing chocolate exhibition for T-Mobile

Paperwork sunglasses for Lume

Existence Between Dimensions NFT for Art Throng

Event Social Media Wall for Czech Social Awards

The life of a painting

Visual identity for Plechárna

Patrona Font visualisations for Superiortype

Tubbies exhibition at Prague House in Brussels