Past Future

Past Future is the confrontation of the utopian ideas of the past century with the current state of the world. In the 1960s during the space age era, the popular genre of sci-fi transformed the abstract and unattainable universe into a place that the human race could conquer and colonize. Continuous progress was a sign of the arrival of artificial intelligence, which could also spell our end….  

This collection of glasses is based on the esthetics of legendary movies that are set in the distant future that is now our present. The glasses don’t just paraphrase films about intergalactic wars, time travel, or a space odyssey, but are mainly influenced by the use of advanced technologies and the development of machines that have allowed us to expand the possibilities of the form and quality of the individual glasses.

As with contemporary films, designers have been inspired by industrial designs. Each piece of eyewear bears the imprint of the industrial software we use today. This creates consistency between the remarkable fantasy of the past and the current emphasis on minimalistic formalism.

year: 2017