Amidst the tide of factory closures spanning across Europe, this project strives to establish a company dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the craft of eyewear manufacturing, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe as a whole. As the production landscape tilts towards mass manufacturing in Asia, this endeavor stands as a testament to the revival of local production.

This venture stands in stark contrast to the disposable nature of contemporary eyewear production. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and seamlessly blending them with time-honored techniques, the project envisions an exquisite fusion of form and function. Redesigned iconic frames with intricate detailing, a flawless fit, and even experimental designs showcase the commitment to artistic innovation. Beyond preserving tradition, the enterprise aspires to cultivate a renaissance of eyewear crafting that celebrates meticulous artistry, fosters local talent, and sets a new paradigm for eyewear aficionados around the world.

The most crucial aspect was the establishment of an extensive catalog for new shops, featuring the Light, Medium, & Bold collections encompassing the most essential frame shapes in various thicknesses, covering the entire necessary diopter range for all potential customers.

Photography: Aleš Boem, Tereza Boem, Ladislav Kyllar, František Svatoš, Štěpán Svoboda

Light, Medium and Bold frame