Taste Magenta

For the Designblok’17 exhibition in Prague, we unveiled a groundbreaking 3D printer dedicated to crafting high-quality chocolate in real-time, providing visitors with a delectable tasting experience throughout the event.

Our innovation reached new heights as we utilized delta printers, enabling us to produce intricately layered, thin dark chocolate creations that boasted a delightful crunch. Supported by T-Mobile, the entire installation was conceived in vibrant magenta, ensuring a visually striking and unmistakable association with the brand.

The exhibition space was transformed into a captivating pink paradise, unequivocally signaling the presence of T-Mobile. The installation featured an enchanting display of trees adorned with unique delicacies crafted from delicate, premium dark chocolate. The combination of the rich chocolate creations and the immersive pink environment created a sensory experience that captivated attendees and underscored T-Mobile’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

Client: T-Mobile CZ