Creative Direction of Meyto

Meyto was established as a subsidiary of the Tvarmetal company in Vysoký Mýto, which primarily focuses on precision tube bending. Starting from the name through strategiesto bringing the products to market. The goal was to create a new brand maximizing the use of the manufacturing facilities of robotic tube benders and welding robots. “Meyto” is a colloquial term for Vysoké Mýto and refers to the location, opening up the possibility to expand the industrial catalog beyond its own infrastructure. The basic catalog of the company was built at the intersection of industrial products with a nostalgic connection, aimed at B2B and implementation in large projects. The extensive range of the first collection of chairs and tables, Bohém and Eska, offers the possibility to equip projects with products from one family, designed for interior, exterior, and a wide range from dining to high bar chairs and several types of tables.

photography: Johana Němečková & Aleš Boem