Workshop Tools • Boem x Enable 3D


Since I’ve been around workshops since I was a child, in each of them I started to notice all the DIY tools that everyone makes when they can’t find them in the store. I selected the best ones and designed them to be printable products. So instead of making them from leftovers of materials you have in your workshop, you just press the print button and let the printer do it for you.

I kept myself calm with the shaping. I imagined how they would look if I would put them together from the leftovers. And I designed them in this way. This allowed me to reflect the best of DIY and 3D Printing.

This reminds my my childhood where I was surrounded socialist minimalist industrial design. There was nothing else but pure function. No rounded corners, no organic shapes, just the pure industrial design.

We have created a collection of six types of products, round and square toolboxes, tool for copying silhouettes and shapes, sandpaper holders, centering tool, stacking jars with label and backing triangles.


Designed for Enable3D