3D print at home

ZEN new

Organic minimalism is timeless. Throughout history, products imbued with a human touch exude a friendly demeanor and endure passing trends, fostering a sense of harmony and balance reminiscent of the Zen philosophy. These creations forge pleasant organic connections, boasting distinctive features that resonate with the essence of tranquility and simplicity.

Chaos and elegance of tangles remind us that beauty can emerge from apparent disorder. This harmony of random elements creates a unique image that convinces us that aesthetic potential can be found in every messy situation.

embodied ideas

The essence of the moment when the idea is captured onto paper. Within the sketch, one finds enlightenment and the pure joy of creation. Each stroke of drawing or painting holds its own unique charm. Through a touch of magic, we bring these sketches and paintings to life, transforming them into tangible objects.

Functionality at its purest, harnessing the advantages of home 3D printers


Printable collection designed for flexible filaments – based on the aesthetics of legendary sci-fi movies. In the past century during the space age era, this popular genre transformed the abstract and unattainable universe into a place that the human race could conquer and colonize.

boem + minimalissimo

wrap it, roll it

A bit crunchy and primarily inspired by food, designed for your 3D printer.

3D printed life

Welcome to the future. From the comfort of your home, with your 3D printer, you can create products faster than delivery, with the ability to print them again and again as needed, customized to your preferences in various colors and materials.

With recycled or compostable materials, you can be environmentally conscious, transforming old material into new products that continue to serve.