3D print models to print at home

3D print design

Print at home, or wherever you want.

Welcome to the future. What was once a fantasy is now a reality. Digital products that can be printed at home from different materials, in different colors or sizes.

Faster than delivery with the ability to print it again and again and again. For your home, office, cabin and also as a gift for your loved ones.

boem 3D models

Digital design that is indestructible and tailored to your needs. Thanks to a vast range of available filaments for 3D printers, you can print products not only in an incredible variety of colors but also with different types of materials, such as wood, metal, and materials made from recycled or compostable sources.

Our .stl 3D models are designed for the most common home printers, known as FFF or FDM printers. These printers can be acquired at a very affordable price and are now very easy to operate and they also look nice.

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